Apple’s video streaming service could launch in April [atualizado: ou não]

Netflix?  Apple targets would be pay TV services, in fact

Just yesterday we talked about the possible Apple event on March 25th to present your news subscription service (magazines and newspapers). Journalist John Paczkowski’s sources, however, declined to comment on the upcoming streaming of videos – whether or not it would be presented at the same event. Well, apparently, no. At least according to the CNBC.

According to the vehicle, Apple is in the final stages of preparing for the service, which will feature free original content for device owners and a subscription platform for existing digital services. The problem? Don’t wait for services like Netflix or HBO, at least at the beginning.

Apple’s idea is to launch it in April or early may – corroborating past rumors. The big difference would be in the fact that all content (both offered by Apple and third parties) is offered within the app Apple TV – Currently, the app only lists the contents, but if you really want to consume them, you are taken to the app for the service in question.

But who would be on the boat, after all? Lionsgate (which has Starz service), CBS (owner of Showtime) and Viacom (owner of Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, for example) are inside.

Apple TV App

HBO may even join, but the discussions are still far from a happy ending – that’s because it didn’t like Apple’s terms, which would be very different from those offered by Amazon; Netflix and Hulu would be cards from the deck – which is weird, since Apple has a great relationship with Disney (now majority owner of Hulu).

The big bottleneck, apparently, is the usual: money, snuff, greenback. Currently, Apple gets 15% of subscriptions to services sold by the App Store (such as HBO GO and FOX Brasil, for example). Although the company is not demanding a 50% threshold for this service (as in the news service), people familiar with the matter said that Apple wants to keep 30% of the cake of everything that is signed by the Apple TV app.

Who knows Apple’s best strategy is to invest a lot in its own original content to make the service very popular and then try to bring these services into the app. We’ll see.

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Update Feb 14, 2019 at 09:19

According to the Bloomberg, the service will be presented on March 25 – more information in this article.