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Apple’s “TV” rumor resurfaces from multiple sources; will it now?

Apple's “TV” rumor resurfaces from multiple sources;  will it now?

It is well known that people like John Gruber (from Daring Fireball), MG Siegler (columnist for the TechCrunch) and Jim Dalrymple (from The Loop) have great contacts within Apple. So, when these people speak, we have to listen.

In the last episode of the The Talk Show (led by Gruber), Siegler made it clear that Apple is even planning to launch something related to TVs (may or may not be a TV) in the not-too-distant future – he specifically cited the month of November. The blogger / investor said he had little information about what this product could be and, therefore, does not intend to write anything about it for now. However, he said that people (translation: “my sources”) have commented on voice commands and new ways of interacting with whatever this product is.

ITV concept

“ITV” concept

Coincidentally – or not – the Economic Daily News (from Taiwan, who has already got things right in the past) released [Google Tradutor] that Apple is developing a TV in partnership with Corning (supplier of iGadgets), G-Tech Optoelectronics, Foxconn (partner in the assembly of iProducts) and Innolux (display manufacturer). According to them, “iTV” would be launched in the first half of 2014, in sizes of 55 and 60 inches.

ITV concept

“ITV” concept

Back there, at the beginning of these rumors involving an Apple TV, I even believed in the possibility. Afterwards, however, I began to find the idea of ​​growing (not in size, but in resources) much more plausible and improving the current Apple TV even more. However, as much as my belief is still that, Dalrymple – who is practically a spokesman for Apple – released this on Twitter:

Last time you try to move an Apple TV by yourself? That is, something big and heavy is coming – and Gene Munster must be having an orgasm right now. ?

It’s personal. Apparently the time is coming to see Apple invade once and for all other markets besides computers, MP3 players, smartphones and tablets – «iWatch» and «iTV» seem to be increasingly real products and closer to us.

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