Apple’s tracker should be called “AirTag”; images of new Smart Battery Cases appear [atualizado]

Rumor: "AirTag" may work with conventional watch battery

It’s been some time since we last talked about the (supposed) coming Apple tracking accessories, which will make use of the U1 chip of the new iPhones and should be presented sometime in the coming months (or… days). For today our friend Guilherme Rambo, of 9to5Mac, discovered important information about them.

Rummaging through internal files of the recently released iOS 13.2, Rambo found references to one such «AirTag» – which, if the suspicions are confirmed, should be the name of that tracker.

The folder with the files referring to the “AirTags” has no other information yet – for now, it is temporarily filled with images from the AirPods. But the names of the files in the directory give some signs: a short video suggests that the devices will have a feature called «Battery Swap», which probably refers to the ability of trackers to have their easily replaced batteries.

Another file found in the folder indicates that the operation of “AirTags” will be similar to that of AirPods (and AirPods Pro, now): it will only be necessary to bring a tracker close to your iPhone for the cell phone to recognize the accessory and connect it automatically. From there, you can attach the device to any object you want to track – wallet, keys, purse, bicycle or whatever – and relax.

THE MacRumorseven got an image of the accessory configuration process:

We have a preview of the “AirTags” configuration process! The Apple logo is temporary.

What is not yet known is when the accessory will be officially presented. With the launch of AirPods Pro today and the arrival of Apple TV + As of Friday, there is already speculation that Apple is planning a «launch week», announcing a new thing a day – perhaps bringing the new MacBook Pro, new iPad Pro and «AirTags» to the cake. We will have to wait to find out, however.

Smart Battery Case

The information about the “AirTags” was not the only news discovered by Rambo, however. Still in the guts of iOS 13.2, the developer managed to find the first official images of (supposed) Smart Battery Cases for iPhones 11 and 11 Pro [Max]. Check it out:

As you can see, there are not many surprises here: the accessories remain basically the same as in previous versions, with the only visible difference in the larger cutout for the grown camera module. In addition, the new Smart Battery Cases should work in exactly the same way as they do today.

If the new accessories will also be launched this week – or if they will be later in the year – we will have to wait and see.

Update Oct 28, 2019 at 20:17

And we already have more evidence that Apple may adopt the name “AirTag”: the MacRumors found that trademark ownership was recently transferred to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

None of the companies involved in the exchange is Apple, but it is common for Apple to use outside firms for this type of operation – precisely to keep prying eyes from the press and the like. So… basically confirmed, now? Let’s wait.