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Apple’s Texas Hold’em returns to the App Store after eight years

It’s hard to believe, but Apple’s presence in the games gives App Store is almost nil: apart from Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard, which is more of an attempt to lick the boots of a major investor than a game itself, we have nothing of Apple in the most profitable category in your app store. Or rather, we didn’t.

Apple put on the air today a new version of Texas Hold’em, your poker game that debuted in 2006 on some versions of the iPod, and was included in the App Store right on its debut in 2008. The game was removed from there in 2011, and now – still as part of the ten-year celebration of the store – is making its triumphant return with several new features and improvements.

Apple’s Texas Hold’em is back! To celebrate the App Store’s 10th anniversary, we brought back one of its first games, a popular classic. Originally created for the iPod and then brought to the iPhone, fans will love the new, more polished design with new characters, more challenging game mechanics and stunning graphics for the new iPhones and iPod touch. Players will also love the fact that it is completely free – for the very first time.

In the updated version of the game, we have ten scenarios (including Las Vegas, Paris and Macau), (much) improved graphics and smarter virtual players, able to bet, bluff and demonstrate tics. The new interface shows tips, statistics and player ratings on the screen and, just like before, you can enter a multiplayer mode with up to eight players via Wi-Fi.

As Apple recalls, this is also the first time the game is completely free – in its previous life, it cost $ 5, but now you can download it for free from the App Store (and without internal purchases).

Have a good time! ?

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via 9to5Mac