Worldwide iPhone sales fell double digits in Q2 2019 [atualizado]

Apple's tactics to boost sales in China have had temporary effect

Earlier this month, we commented on how iPhone sales in China rose by 83% after the price reduction of the gadget in the country However, this tactic, coupled with widespread dissemination of its trade-inIt won't be enough to keep Apple happy with the results at least not for long.

According to analysts at Rosenblatt Securities, in addition to the short duration, the projected increase in sales has provided little benefit to Apple in the Chinese market (even with sales growth over the past two months), as the report said. AppleInsider.

More precisely, the firm noted that the Chinese smartphone market as a whole fell by 12.8% in the first month of the year, with foreign brands (such as Apple and Samsung) accounting for a 50% drop in period! For analysts, price reductions alone will not help drive demand, which is stagnant due to “lack of design changes” to devices.

In this regard, Rosenblatt maintained its estimate of 38 to 39 million devices shipped during the first quarter of this year, but predicted that the slowdown in sales could cause a reduction in the volume of handsets sold over the next three months (when sales are expected to fall to 33 million units).

As Rosenblatt analysts themselves said, only one big (positive) change can contribute to the definitive increase in iPhone sales in China (and not only there, I believe). Otherwise, if the news is not surprising and the prices do not please, you already know.