Apple’s Support app is completely redesigned; Ulysses, Caixa Tem, Google News and Nike Run Club are updated

Apple's Support app is completely redesigned;  Ulysses, Caixa Tem, Google News and Nike Run Club are updated

In today’s app updates, we’ll see that the app Apple Support has been updated with a new interface and compatibility with iOS 13 Dark Mode.

In addition, the text creation app Ulysses arrived at version 19 with a series of novelties (including mouse / trackpad support on the iPad) and improvements, which we will comment on later.

Finally, apps Box Has, Google News and Nike Run Club have been updated with fixes and improvements. Shall we check them out?

Apple Support

Apple Support app icon

Version 4.0 of the Apple Support app brought a new UI and, as we said, compatibility with iOS 13 Dark Mode.

Among the changes, the app now displays options for troubleshooting topics in a more personalized way; in addition, it is easier to find support for all Apple services and subscriptions.

Apple Support App

Finally, Apple renewed and improved the chats and calls.


Ulysses app icon

Ulysses app icon

As we said, the Ulysses app has reached version 19, which adds mouse / trackpad support to the iPad. In practice, this means that there is now a cursor itself, which changes shape as you interact with the interface elements – including those specific to text editing.

Another novelty of this update is the possibility to mark texts or notes as «material» to exclude them from exports and statistics. It is also easy to recognize “material” sheets from a new marker.

On the iPhone and iPad, precisely, the update adds support for external folders, including that of cloud storage services, such as iCloud Drive, with the option to edit them on Ulysses. In addition, there is a new option to export and import backups to the app.

Other additions in this version include new search filter criteria (such as «has a goal», «has a note attachment» or «is material»), a new publisher source (SF Mono), better performance for Dropbox downloads and new icons .

To take advantage of all Ulysses resources, you need to subscribe for R $ 15 / month or R $ 123 / year.

Box Has

Caixa Tem app icon

Last week, we reported a delay in updating the Caixa Tem app for iOS that would fix problems with querying the app. In many cases, users were not able to view or clear doubts about the request for Emergency Aid announced by the Federal Government.

An update for the app arrived this week, but Caixa did not provide details on what problems were resolved, only that the update brings “fixes and improvements”.

Google News

Google News app icon

The Google news app has been updated to support local reporting on the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the option to manage your pandemic news preferences – if you’d like to receive information from other communities / regions.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club app icon

As always, the Nike Run Club app announced news for iOS and watchOS devices. With respect to the first, you can now view the current pace and the pace average simultaneously during a race – as well as other customizable metrics.

Apple Watch also gained the option to customize a run’s metrics, including a change in the total exercise time display, which is now in the upper left corner of the watch. The progress bar is also more visible for you to know how much time is left to reach your goal.

Finally, there is a new option to lock the screen during an active session to avoid accidental touches. To enable the feature, simply slide to the pause screen during a run and scroll the Digital Crown to disable it.