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Apple's supplier executive says (only) one iPhone model will come with glass housing in 2017

Let's think about it: We are at a very interesting time not to say funny about rumors about the iPhone. This year's so-called model has been so often exposed and commented in the media that the interest of the tech press and enthusiasts has already moved to the iPhone. Following, to be released in 2017.

And, let's face it, not least: it seems that while the next update should be very conservative, next year things will change dramatically.

Who brings another clue about the profound changes of this 2017 iPhone mythical Allen horng, CEO of Catcher Technology, one of the largest suppliers of metal casings for Apple. Horng kind of hit his teeth in an interview after the company's annual shareholders meeting yesterday, stating that one of the models of the upcoming smartphone comes with a glass housing. Who informs the Nikkei Asian Review.

IPhone 4s Family

As far as I know, only one (iPhone) model adopts a glass housing next year. I don't believe this change will impact Catcher's profits, since glass still needs a durable metal frame that requires advanced processing technology, and would not be cheaper than the current model.

A return to the predominantly glass design, as it was on the iPhones 4 / 4s in the humble opinion of this writer, the most beautiful phones ever to come from Cupertino, a change already speculated for some time. At the end of March, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo was the first to bet on this change, stating that Apple was looking to differentiate itself from the sea of ​​top-tier competitors who have taken aluminum as the main element of design.

The big news here is the revelation (factual or otherwise) that only * one * model of the 2017 iPhone would have the glass design. It makes sense if we consider the rumors that Ma would have plans to create a bigger differentiation between its two smartphone models, but between us, it strikes me as odd to think of Apple launching an iPhone “Plus” so far different from its brother. smaller, even in the exterior design itself.

The fact that we still have more than a year to go before we know if all of this is true or not, if the pace goes on like this, the iPhone presentation keynote in 2017 will be seen around the world on its glorious borderless screen. What else comes next for her?

(via MacRumors)