Old Apple iSight camera

Apple’s response to Amazon Echo may have a camera with facial recognition technology

Rumors about an Apple rival to Amazon Echo are on fire. The rumor came with the idea of ​​a new device dedicated to Siri, but yesterday it was said that it may actually be a new generation of Apple TV.

Regardless of which path Apple will choose, sources from CNET today revealed another potential feature of this product: a built-in camera, with facial recognition technology.

Old Apple iSight camera

The device would be able to identify the person in the room and adjust its settings according to their tastes, for example by changing the lighting and playing songs corresponding to the individual’s preferences.

However, this idea also clashes with the idea of ​​the assistant being connected to the television. For the camera to be able to “see” people, the device would have to be in a very “privileged” position in the house – and not hidden in a bookcase, for example. In addition, a camera there would certainly open the eyes of the paranoid for privacy.

Also according to CNET, the new hardware could reach the market by the end of this year – but most likely it will be only for 2017. This is if Apple’s plans do not change or are even discarded, of course.