Apple’s R&D investments grew $ 760 million

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Although for the analyst Toni Sacconaghi, from the investment firm Bernstein, Apple does not invest as much as it could in research and development, a fact that Ma is applying more and more in this sector. Every quarter, in addition to announcing fiscal results, the company also reports to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This time, the document revealed a $ 3.7 billion investment in R&D.

The amount invested corresponds to 7% of the total collected from the company’s sales (which was US $ 53.3 billion) and points to a growth of US $ 760 million invested by the company in this sector, which during the third quarter of 2017 was US $ 3.4 billion (or 6.4% of its revenue). The growth represents an even greater jump when compared to the same period in 2016, when Apple invested approximately $ 2.94 billion. Therefore, during the past two years, Ma’s quarterly investments in R&D rose 42%, as reported by Cult of Mac.

Nevertheless, we have already commented that Ma is not the company that most invests in R&D of all (maybe she doesn?t even want to be), but even so, this year alone she has already invested US $ 10.5 billion and that number should increase even more. in the coming quarters, of course.

Apple’s R&D spending increases as rumors of the company’s new products and projects also grow. Among these, the highlight is the next line of iPhones, which may consist of three different models (two with an OLED display and an LCD). In addition, Ma would also be working on new features for iPad Pro, including the implementation of Face ID and the reduction of edges (as in the iPhone X); for the Apple Watch, the company should bet on a larger display.

Other rumors point to the development of a VR / AR device, in addition to Project Titan, which has already yielded several news and twists.

A lot of things, although some are secret and we still don’t know about them, have been developed for some years and news can be announced at any time by Apple. It remains for us to wait for which of these innovations will already be presented to us this year, at the next special Apple event (which should happen in September).

via AppleInsider