Apple's own modem could be ready by 2025

Apple's own modem could be ready by 2025

They keep popping up to the information about the imbroglio involving Apple, Intel and Qualcomm.

As we have already mentioned, Ma's relationship with Intel was pretty weird because of the difficulty in creating modems for iPhones. This obstacle eventually forced Apple, which at the time was fighting legally with Qualcomm, to make peace with its former modem provider, which ultimately culminated in Intel's decision to exit the 5G smartphone modem market.

Today the The information I brought some more information about this story.

The problems with Intel

According to them, Apple's problems with Intel began long before the development of the 5G modem for iPhones. In fact, Ma's frustration would have started in early 2017, already in the development of the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones.

The 7560 modem, designed by Intel to equip the handsets, was not working properly for two people inside. Intel had already revised the modem four times to match Qualcomm's, but missed deadlines and technical issues with the chip simply didn't end and made Apple executives anxious.

At an Apple campus meeting, Johny Srouji (the company's hardware chief) reportedly said the following sentence to Murthy Renduchintala (chief engineering officer of Intel): "This would never have happened at Apple under my watch."

Still according to The information, the size and structure of Intel's mobile division made it difficult to build modems, with teams essentially struggling to work together.

Apple's interest

In addition, Intel itself confirmed to the The information that Apple was interested in acquiring Intel's 5G modem division, but it all turned out in the expected way.

The difficulty of creating a modem

As we know, Apple's deal with Qualcomm involves not only providing modems for iPhones, but also licensing technologies, which is a must for Apple as it plans to create its own modems at some point. It's the The information also brought information on this subject.

Initially, Apple was expected to begin using its own modem in 2021; However, the vehicle stated that this time seems to be much further than originally thought. How far away? According to them, an internal Apple prediction that the component will be placed on the market only in 2025.

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Regardless of when the modem is released, the fact that iPhones will now be back on par with 4G / LTE performance, thanks to Apple's recent deal with Qualcomm.

via MacRumors