Apple’s new trademark registrations suggest future products and technologies

“AirPods”, “Smart Button”, “Touch Bar” and more: Apple's new trademark registrations suggest future products and technologies

Brian Conroy, a trademark and registration attorney, could not have chosen a timing most appropriate to publicize your newest discoveries.

One day before the Apple event, where we will certainly see the most awaited news of the year at the company, Conroy unveiled a series of new trademarks registered by none other than our dear Apple, in a job that required months of research on the basis of registries at the time.

around the world and can give good clues as to what lies ahead.

The least surprising – and, paradoxically, most revealing – record is that of two names quite familiar to us: «IPhone 7» and “IPhone 7 Plus”.

If it is nothing revolutionary, at least it confirms that the new smartphones that we will see tomorrow will follow the usual Apple nomenclature instead of taking a different path, as has already been speculated (bye, “iPhone 6SE”).

Two other brands on the list that will certainly paint tomorrow in a different way are «AirPods» and “AirPod Case”.

The first, as has been said for a long time, will certainly correspond to the pair of wireless headphones in the same footprint as the famous Bragi products; the second, it seems, will be the case where the headphones will be stored and charged.

Other names on the list arouse more curiosity. «Smart Button» may or may not refer to the new capacitive Home button on the “iPhone 7”; «Touch Bar» and «Control Strip» perhaps they correspond to the rumored OLED touch-sensitive bar that can replace the function keys on a supposed new MacBook Pro; «Home Hub» it probably has to do with something new related to HomeKit.

There is also such a «Iris Engine», which doesn’t point in a specific direction but may have something to do with the area of ​​screen technology – or perhaps an iris reader similar to the Note7?

In addition, we see some old acquaintances of ours finally registered as Apple property, such as «SiriKit», «Breathe», “Planet of the Apps” and the famous phrase “Designed by Apple in California”.

The complete list can be seen below:

Apple's new trademark registrations

Of course, the simple registration of a trademark does not necessarily mean that all of them will eventually become new products and technologies.

Anyway, certainly tomorrow we will have the first demonstration of some of them, and the day is looking more and more promising.

[via MacRumors]