Apple Edge Cache

Apple’s new service delivers web content faster

THE Apple launched a new service that allows improving the delivery of web content to users from servers managed by the company within the network of an internet provider. In practice, this technique is called Edge Caching – and is not exclusive to Apple.

THE Edge Caching is a method that uses network servers (ISP) to save web pages or any other online content locally. Usually, these servers are physically closer to the users (in relation to the provider), making such data be delivered even more quickly.

Like Apple Edge Caching (AEC), Apple’s content on the web will be hosted on these servers, that is, they will be pre-stored so they can be accessed again more quickly – which is great for content from Apple TV +, for example.

Apple Edge Cache

In addition, this method is also more reliable. By reducing the “bureaucracy” of data transmission, data routing and latency are also minimized – benefiting both users and the ISP.

As we said, this is not a feature that is used only by Apple: other companies like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Cloudflare already have similar systems for delivering online content.

The AEC is purchased by invitation, and developers can send an order to Apple here. In this case, the site / application must register traffic of at least 25Gbps during the peak and its network must also operate to serve mainly end users, among others.

via Hacker News