Apple’s new senior VP of hardware technologies pockets the equivalent of $ 10 million in shares

Johny Srouji

Most likely because of his recent promotion (now vice president senior hardware technologies), Johny Srouji received a hefty sum from Apple according to documents sent to the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

Johny Srouji

Apple’s new senior executive was ?presented? with 90,270 units of restricted shares (restricted stock units) on October 5, which today are equivalent to approximately R $ 36.9 million (US $ 9.6 million). Obviously, the number of restricted shares is much higher than he had received in previous years, when he was not yet a senior executive (17,380 in 2012, 53,813 in 2013 and 55,842 in 2014).

Srouji can redeem 12.5% ??of these stock units every 6 months, that is, the executive can only put his hand on the total bufunfa four years from now, at the end of 2019. In total, he has 217,305 units of restricted stocks and 101,881 units of common shares. Together, they are now worth R $ 130 million (US $ 34 million).

Not bad

(via AppleInsider)