Apple’s new general counsel, Katherine Adams arrives with millions in stock bonuses; Warren Buffett invests (even more) in Apple

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A few weeks ago, Apple announced that its current general counsel and senior vice president of global and legal security, Bruce Sewell, would retire at the end of the year, being replaced by ex-Honeywell Katherine Adams.

Now, a document published in the SEC shows that Adams will have, say, an excellent incentive for this start of activities in Cupertino.

Kate AdamsKate Adams, new general counsel and senior vice president of global and legal security

As part of his employment plan, Adams received 57,482 units of restricted shares (Restricted Stock Units, or RSUs), divided into four parts over four periods in May and November 2018, November 2019 and November 2020 provided, of course, that she remains engaged by Apple on those dates.

In addition, she can win more 57,482 shares based on Apple’s total share return between November 2017 and September 2020.

According to Ma’s current share price, 57,482 company RSUs are equivalent to about $ 9.7 million, that is, depending on performance of the company (and Adams herself) in the coming years, the executive may receive a hefty sum up to $ 20 million.

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In a related note, Ma paid its shareholders the quarterly dividends within the stock payment and repurchase program.

The big news here following the $ AAPL NASDAQ growth trajectory is the record amount paid to the lucky ones: $ 0.63 per share, totaling a whopping $ 3 billion.

Apple and money

This November 2017 payment is the 14th to occur after the renewal of the dividend payment and share buyback program (when she announced her new program and divided her shares into seven, with the unit going from $ 3.29 to $ 0 , 47 which subsequently increased to $ 0.52, $ 0.57, and now, $ 0.63).

In addition, over the past four quarters, Apple has repurchased $ 53 billion of its shares through the direct market or via accelerated repurchase programs of this amount, $ 7.5 billion has been spent in the past period.

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To finish off the good financial news from Apple on the day, the tycoon investor Berkshire Hathaway (what a wonderful site!) Warren Buffett, announced that it sold another slice (32% of the total, specifically) of its IBM shares to invest even more in Apple, where it already has a large share.

Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway

As reported by Reutersover the past quarter, Berkshire Hathaway has extended its ownership of Apple shares by 3%, reaching a total of 134.1 million shares, which in total are worth about $ 20.7 billion.

Really, when one of the world’s greatest billionaires trusts your company, I think it’s a good time to be comfortable.

via MacRumors, AppleInsider