Apple's new flagship in Washington will open soon; problems in Melbourne persist

While Apple continues to face numerous adversities to build its store in Federation Square in Melbourne (Australia), another installation of the company is about to open in the US capital (Washington, D.C). In addition, Ma continues to renovate stores around the world, especially in the United States, as we will see below.

Washington, D.C

Apple Carnegie Library

As we announced, Apple usher in a new flagship in history Carnegie Library, which housed the library of the American capital for decades. The work of the giant of Cupertino by l started in 2017 and should soon be over, as the Washington Business Journal.

According to the company, the company responsible for the building, Events DC, said that the 1,765-meter store renovations are scheduled to close by next month and that the store may open until late spring in the northern hemisphere. (June).

Apple envisions the flagship as a cultural and educational space, as well as serving as a stage for Ma's retail operations. Similar to other company stores, the new Washington area is expected to have an indoor afforestation and a huge Video wall.

The store at Carnegie Library join Apple Georgetown as the company's only retail centers in the American capital. The Cupertino giant is believed to pay between $ 1 and $ 2 million Events D.C to cover possible losses related to renovations of the old library.


Federation Square in Melbourne

Last January we announced that a new attempt was made to demolish the Yarra Building in Melbourne (Australia) for the construction of a new Apple Store in the city, which was once again denied.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, Apple has been planning for a few years to build a new store in Federation Square, but has been resisted by locals and local politicians who consider it a historic and cultural spot.

As we said, the Melbourne City Council recently opposed the proposed changes to the Apple Store building project, stating that the building would "irreparably disrupt the cultural structure of space."

In addition to a petition with more than 100,000 signatures rejecting the building, the city council there received 1,100 entries that go against the facility prior to a meeting held last week; Only one application approved the demolition of the Yarra Building and Apple's plans.

With that further negative decision, the future of Federation Square will be in the hands of the state government of Victoria, which will ultimately decide whether or not the demolition license is approved. A timeline for the decision has not been set, but an announcement may be issued in weeks or even months.

Many Melbourne critics / residents say they supported plans to build an Apple Store in Federation Square if the Cupertino giant decided to move to the Yarra Building instead of demolishing it; however, Ma seems to be adamant about changing its plans. We'll see


Apple Pioneer Place

While some plans come off paper and others on, Apple is continuing to renovate several locations around the world (including one store in Australia and another in Barcelona). This time, the company provisionally closes the Apple Pioneer Placein Portland, Oregon, from the next 24th to remodel the place in line with the company's new retail style.

Today, all three Apple stores in Oregon carry classic design without the new technologies and architecture that provide the full Apple Store experience. The Pioneer Place store, which opened in 2005, is expected to earn a Video wall and other elements of the company's new store design.

During the renovation, which may last several months, customers will be able to visit Apple Bridgeport Village or Apple Washington Square.

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