Apple’s new diversity report shows only 1% improvement; most employees are still white men

Apple's new plurality report shows the company's progress in the area of ​​social inclusion

And another day came when we need to talk about Apple’s statistics regarding diversity and included in.

After the article we published on the toxic and hostile environment of Ma’s workers, it is more difficult to believe that these figures constitute a real concern not only for inclusion, but also for the well-being of all employees. Still, we prefer to believe that good things are on the way and that Apple is really striving to improve every day.

Diversity is more than any gender, race or ethnicity. the rich representativeness of all people, all experiences and all perspectives. the whole human experience.

Denise Young Smith, Apple’s vice president of human resources.

The results in the EEO document (PDF) that were released yesterday refer to the month of July 2016 and, despite showing improvements, there is still much progress to be made.

One of the numbers that remains alarming is that of the company’s most important executives: while there are 73 white men in senior positions, there are only 10 Asian, 2 Latino and 2 black people; as for women in these positions, there are 15 whites, 4 asians, only 1 black and no trace of latinas or other ethnicities. The difference for the past year is 2 more white, 2 Asian (a woman and a man), a Latin and less a black.

In all other lower positions there is also a predominance of white men, but this year the company hired 2,455 Asian men, 951 Latinos and 783 black men. In total, as can be seen below, the improvement was only 1% compared to last year.

Diversity chart in 2016

Diversity chart 2015

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There is always room for improvement and what, * apparently *, Apple is trying to do. Fortunately, Ma proudly presents that there is equal pay in the company for women and men of all positions, worldwide.

She further argues that the information on this page (in English) represents much more of the company’s approach to diversity than the EEO document, which ?has not kept pace with changes in the American industry or workforce over the past year. half a century ?.

We see diversity as everything that makes employees what they are. We promote a diverse culture that includes disability, religious belief, sexual orientation and service to the country. We want all employees to be comfortable being themselves to work every day. Because we believe that our individual experiences, perspectives and passions help us to create the ideas that move us forward.

We really hope that the speech will not just be on Ma’s page, but that it will really work in the bowels of the company.

(via AppleInsider)