Apple’s new concept of in-ear headphones has a HomePod feel

The designer Martin Hajek figurine stamped here on because of its neat and (at least most of the time) very good taste concepts.

This time, I believe, in the different: the Dutch shared with the German website Curved It’s your view of what Apple’s speculated over-the-ear headphones would look like and the result was quite interesting a thousand times better, in my opinion, than the first concept of the kind we published last month.

Apple in-ear headphones concept, by Martin Hajek

Hajek’s inspiration for his project, understandably, comes from the general aesthetics of HomePod, with its ?soft? surfaces of a braided material. Designed in space gray or white, the headphone (partially) leaves the Beats look to conquer its own identity as it should be.

The two sides of the accessory would bring touch-sensitive surfaces for reproduction control in the same way as in the HomePod; one side has the Siri cone and the other (in a decision that I loved, but it never happens) comes with the classic Apple rainbow logo.

It remains to be seen whether the inscriptions are illuminated, which is not possible to define in the mockup if so, one of those cases where the thing is absolutely useless (after all, the owner of the stuff basically never sees any of it), but visually glorious.

In addition, the headphones would have a very practical wireless charging base that you could even attach to the wall, to make the accessory a decorative object while it is not in use.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

via iClarified