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Apple's New Commercials Promote Recycling, Encryption, and Privacy

Apple yesterday served three fairly simple new commercials focused on recycling, encryption and privacy for now, just on your Australian YouTube channel. They have 15 seconds duration each.

Check out:

Material recycling

Apple recycles even the smallest parts of the iPhone. As up to 0.83 grams of tungsten. This is the iPhone.

IMessage Encryption

IMessage encrypts and protects your conversations. Because privacy matters. This is the iPhone.

Privacy on the App Store

Each app reviewed to help keep malware out of the App Store. This is the iPhone.

ยท โ€ข ยท

On Saturday, as we reported, Apple also posted a new video of experiments done with the iPhone XS camera. Worth checking out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

via iClarified