Apple’s netbook launch is imminent; touch sensitive panels will be provided by Wintek

Apple netbook mockup

Apple denies its entry into the netbook market as much as Steve Jobs has long denied that iPod nano would ever play videos. Gradually, the rumor becomes even hotter, and today Asian sources have further corroborated the possibility with information on contracts signed by there.

Apple netbook mockupApple netbook mockup

According to DigiTimes quoting the chinese newspaper Commercial Times , suppliers are already alert to the production of a netbook with the Ma brand. Taiwanese Wintek should be responsible for the touch sensitive panels of the new computer, which may reach the market in the third quarter of this year. Quanta Computer, in turn, manufactured / assembled the new Mac.

Thinking of a touchscreen, it is quite possible that the supposed Apple netbook is already a mixed tablet (aka Newton of the 21st century) with a super portable notebook.