Gartner predicts modest PC growth in 2012, at around 4.4%

Apple's market share jumps from 3.8% to 5% in the UK

Apple is now among the UK's top five computer makers, according to a survey released today by Gartner. From the third quarter of 2008 to the third quarter of 2009, the market share Cupertino's firm jumped 26.8% from 3.8% to 5%.

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Among the big ones, the one that grew the most in the period was Acer (thanks to its low-cost netbooks, mainly): it gained 35.3% years after year, shooting from 17.4% to 24.2%, and is now in the first position, leaving behind Dell (18.3%) and Hewlett-Packard (17.5%). Both competitors went from one year to the next: -14.6% and -10.4%, respectively. ahead of Apple is also still Toshiba, with 6.5%, but which plunged 26.1% in the same period. All were impacted by Samsung, which achieved an impressive growth of 206.6%, reaching a market share of 4.8%.

Unfortunately Apple * still * was not among the manufacturers Top 5 from all over Western Europe (and not even in independent research in France and Germany). The list is now as follows: Acer (28.3%), HP (21.5%), Dell (9.5%), ASUS (6.5%) and Toshiba (5.8%). I do not doubt that, in the pace at which things are going, this scenario will change soon.

From Q3 '08 to Q3 '09, PC sales in Western Europe dropped 0.3%, reaching 16.7 million units (3.3 million of them, in the United Kingdom, which fell 2.4% over the year past). However, Gartner says that the crisis has already passed, as the last quarter has already closed positive, with an overall growth of 30%.

(via AppleInsider)