Apple’s Mac mini integrates Intel processors (corrected)

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Apple has launched a new Mac Mini system that integrates Intel processors, making it two to five times faster than the previous model, according to a press release.

The new system will appear in two versions, one with a processor dual core and another with a single-core processor, which will cost $ 799 and $ 599 respectively in the North American market.

The Mac Mini is a system without a keyboard or mouse, but it now comes with a remote control and the software Apple’s Front Row for access to pre-recorded music, photos, videos or TV shows. It is also capable of reading multimedia files from other computers, if there is a home network, be it wireless or TCP / IP.

The multimedia system for the Apple living room was introduced in January last year as a low-cost solution designed to convince Windows users to switch to the Apple platform. The Mac maker currently accounts for 78 percent of the digital music device market share, but maintains only four or five percent of the PC market, according to data released by MacNewsWorld.

Security updates

Apple yesterday released a security update for Mac OS X that addresses 20 vulnerabilities, including some related to the company’s e-mail solution and the browser Safari.

The set of patches they are intended to correct a series of security flaws, namely several that can allow someone less well intentioned to control a computer that runs the operating system.

The update comes two weeks after an intense scan to assess the security of Mac OS X, after the discovery of two worms and the disclosure of two security breaches in that period.

Editorial Note: [2006-03-03 7:58:00] The news was corrected in the third paragraph where there were some phrases that could mislead readers.

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