Apple’s legal fight against Psystar is scheduled for trial in January 2010

Apple vs. </p><p>Psystar on the scale

With the Psystar bankruptcy case closed, the court decided to continue (PDF, 104KB) Apple’s lawsuit against it after the pressure of one of the judges involved in the matter, but now the trial has only been scheduled for January 2010.

Initially, he was scheduled to take place in November this year.

Apple vs. </p><p>Psystar on the scale

The fight between the two companies is centered on the fact that the clone maker is selling computers with Mac OS X installed, something that goes against the license agreements established by Apple.

As Psystar’s bankruptcy proceedings interrupted this case, a delay in the initial dates was expected.

By then, legal representatives of the two companies are expected to go to court a few more times, with a pre-trial set for December 14.

Meanwhile, the status of Psystar’s counter-suit is unknown, but apparently it gave it no further support after it was dismissed by Judge William Alsup last year.

(Via: MacNN.)