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Apple’s last gift is in honor of Valentine’s Day

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Closing its promotion of 8 gifts for 8 days, Apple offers Brazilians an application to create virtual cards for lovers: Build-a-card: Cupid Edition.

The application, in fact, was already free since the 8th of June. With it, you create virtual cards to send to your loved one via Twitter, Facebook, email or you can even print and deliver in person.

It is not in Portuguese, which is strange, since it intends to be a gift for Brazilians. But it’s probably because Apple found no national equivalent to honor the day.

Both iPhone / iPod and iPad versions are available.

Although some of these 8 gifts did not please everyone, it is always good to see that Apple is running campaigns aimed at the Brazilian public. We can only congratulate you for the initiative and encourage you to carry out others of the kind. After all, present is present. ?