Apple’s intrusive behavior is causing problems in the area of ​​original series

Apple's intrusive behavior is causing problems in the area of ​​original series

Much has been said about Apple’s endeavor in the field of original films and series – which, it seems, will be officially revealed later this month. If, on the one hand, the economic power of the Apple means that it is managing to assemble an extensive and full catalog of important Hollywood names very quickly, on the other, its inexperience in the area and insistence on maintaining a “clean” image may be putting a the brake on the initiative as a whole.

We have already mentioned Apple’s policy to ban explicit content on its service some time ago – which may (or may not) have been slowed down later. Recently, the New York Post published an article reiterating this position and adding that Apple’s intrusive behavior is also causing problems in the area.

Hollywood producers involved with Apple, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the company was «difficult to work with», complaining about the lack of transparency and clarity on the part of Apple executives.

Apparently, Tim Cook himself has been a source of trouble: the CEO has appeared on the film sets of some of the company’s upcoming original series, such as science fiction «See» and the unnamed drama with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, to make guesses and follow the production. One of the most repeated phrases by the executive, according to the sources, is «don’t be so bad» – in reference to Apple’s policy of keeping its series and films free of explicit or «dirty» content.

According to the report, actors, screenwriters and directors are uncomfortable with the involvement of Apple executives in the creation and production of the works themselves. In Hollywood, in general, things work differently: creators usually have the freedom to develop their work, until the producers arrive, with the project already in the post-production phase, and cut out the unwanted or commercially unviable points. Apple is getting involved at a much earlier point in the process, which causes friction with creative professionals in Los Angeles.

Another point raised by the report reports a certain lack of clarity on the part of the Apple. One of the producers interviewed declared that the company “makes big changes” at all times, firing and hiring screenwriters. «There is no clarity in what they want and many of the products are not as good as they would like», adds the source.

Because of this need for control and lack of, many original series are behind schedule. THE New York Post He said that although the platform’s announcement could be made later this month, the service itself is expected to debut only in the summer or fall of the northern hemisphere – with few series available at the start.

The newspaper’s information should not be taken as absolute truth, considering the vehicle’s not entirely solid reputation. Still, it is a problem that Apple will have to deal with if it wants to become a major player in the segment that is about to enter.

via MacRumors