Apple’s internal mapping application arrives in Brazil

Screenshot do app Mapeamento de Interiores

I understand if you’ve never heard of the app Indoor Survey, from Apple.

It was never particularly publicized by Apple and, until recently, was not available on the Brazilian App Store.

Its usefulness, on the other hand, is undeniable: it is a kind of auxiliary that allows owners of establishments to map their internal spaces simply by moving around them with an iPhone.

Recently, the application has received a major update and is now available in more countries – among them, the Brazil.

With the novelty, business owners can also use their iPhones to map the internal spaces of their businesses and include this data in Apple Maps.

For that, it is necessary to register in the Map Program of the interior of the Apple – what can be done following the steps of this page.

Interior Mapping app icon

It is worth noting that the program is aimed mainly at large public or private establishments, such as airports, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitals, universities and private office buildings – there is no point in trying to use the Indoor Survey to map a small shop or kiosk , because this will not be of great use to your customers.

In addition to the arrival in Brazil, version 3.1 of the Indoor Survey brings a series of other novelties.

Among them, we have a new interface that makes the mapping of spaces much simpler and more intuitive – even counting on a workflow integrated so you can follow each step of the process.

It is also possible to add notes to your mapping process to indicate flaws or inaccuracies, and the app will suggest ways to improve your positioning and data capture.

In addition, the app has the same functioning as always, based on the location of Wi-Fi networks to create the internal map of spaces even without GPS.

It requires iOS 12.1 or higher and can be obtained for free from the App Store.

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