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Apple's head of investor relations retires; company hires in healthcare and technology

Chair dancing in Cupertino has recently involved the arrival and departure of talent in three very important areas of the company: finance, technology and health. With regard to the first, Ma's most recent “loss” came from her loyal squire two decades ago, and voice of the company's quarterly fiscal results to senior investor relations director, Nancy Paxton.

Already in the technology area, Ma hired the pharmacy specialist (you didn't read it wrong) David Smoley and at health, the cardiologist David Tsay as we will see next.

Nancy Paxton

While investors know only his name and the general public barely knows about it, Nancy Paxton has been the face (or rather the voice) of Ma's conference calls for 23 years. Yesterday (Oct. 30), during the announcement of Apple's fourth quarter fiscal results, CFO Luca Maestri announced the retirement of the executive.

Maestri pointed out a time before the Q4 Apple Q&A session not only to announce Paxton's decision, but also to share a farewell message:

Nancy has been Apple's face with analysts and investors during a period of incredible company growth and success. Your passion for our company, your commitment and dedication to serving our entire investor base, and your sense of humor will be lacking. Personally, I am very grateful for the advice and support you have given me over the last six years.

Paxton thanked the company's head of finance statement and said it was a "privilege" to work at Apple:

(I have received) a great privilege to engage with so many investors and analysts on behalf of Apple over the past two decades. Of course it was an extreme pleasure to work alongside so many brilliant people here in everyday life.

Adding all his contribution time, Paxton worked for 33 years at Ma and covered about 93 company tax results. She should definitely leave the company in December; It has not yet been announced who to replace it.

Dr. David Tsay

David Tsay M.D., Ph.D.

Apple's health endeavor continues to grow exponentially with the hiring of new doctors and specialists. This time, reports are that Ma hired prominent cardiologist David Tsay, a former Columbia University professor, as reported by CNBC and confirmed by your LinkedIn profile.

Prior to taking up the position of professor of cardiology at the renowned American university, Tsay was CTO at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, where he focused on “implementing digital services”.

Tsay acts alongside dozens of other health professionals who have already been hired by Apple, but there is no information on the exact occupation of the cardiologist in Cupertino. As we know, the company conducts various medical research (focusing on heart health) and also develops technologies in the area, some of which are already present in its gadgets.

David Smoley

In another change at Cupertino's high rank, Apple hired former AstraZeneca CIO David Smoley to take over as vice president of Apple's information technology office currently headed by executive Mary Demby. The information is from Bloomberg.

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical conglomerate with presence in more than 100 countries; In Smoley's case, he worked at the UK network for six years. Despite his pharmacy expertise, he apparently does not get involved with Apple's health efforts.

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