Apple’s “gaming Netflix” could also be featured at tomorrow’s special event

iPad Pro rodando jogo pesado graças ao chip A12X Bionic

Many were surprised that Apple launched several products (iPad Air and mini, iMacs and AirPods) last week, when it had already scheduled a special event for tomorrow, the 25th.

Well, apart from the very small possibility of seeing even more hardware being advertised on the keynote, the expectation was that Apple would use the entire presentation time to detail two of its new services: one of streaming video (which should have two strands) and one for subscription to periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.).

If you still find 1h30-2h event too long for just these two services, the Bloomberg believes that in fact they will be three presented tomorrow – and the third would be precisely the Apple’s “Netflix games”, which popped up in rumors a few months ago and even won a concept created by a reader of ours.

The revenue from the new service would be very similar to that of the others: for a monthly fee, the user would have unrestricted access to a collection of games for iPads / iPhones and, who knows, also Macs.

According to details obtained by Bloomberg, Apple will not include games in the package «Freemium» – those that you download for free but then need to pay for internal things. Only paid games would enter it, and developers would be paid according to the time spent by each subscriber on their titles.

However, even if the news is announced tomorrow, it is unlikely to be ready for use. It is believed that at least one or more of these new services will only actually be launched here for the middle of the year or the end of the third quarter. We’ll see.

The secrets of “Apple Video”

In parallel to all this, even though it has already closed some agreements for its new streaming of videos, Apple has tried to keep almost all the details about him behind the curtains.

According to a new report by Washington Post, even the partners who have already signed a contract with Apple and Hollywood executives who are working with it do not know exactly how the company’s own and third-party content distribution system will work.

One source, for example, cites that he heard the possibility of users who paid for the plan AppleCare have access to at least part of that content for free.

AppleCare, by the way, could be an important part of a future subscription package commonly referred to as “Apple Prime”. The idea would be for the consumer to pay a single monthly fee to Apple and have storage space on iCloud, Apple Music, «Apple Video», «Apple News» and who knows, perhaps «Apple Games».