Apple's first Android app was not created by her

Apple's first Android app was not created by her

Two days ago, when it released iOS 9 to everyone, Apple also offered its first Android app: o Move to iOS. As its name implies, it is a tool to help users migrate from the Android operating system to iOS with ease.

Curious that, on the Move to iOS page, Apple also indicates another app (Copy My Data, created by Media Mushroom) that does basically the same thing, see s:

How to transfer content with the migration app.

Apps like Copy My Data transfer your contacts, calendars, photos and videos over Wi-Fi. You don't even need to connect your phone to a computer. just download the app on both phones and follow the instructions on the screen. Download the iPhone app from the App Store and the Android app from Google Play.

This most likely has a point.

The website Phandroid decided to use the Move to iOS app and found that there are clear references to the Copy My Data app. In fact, the Move to iOS app is basically Copy My Data. Both apps share much of the code (all strings com.mediamushroom.copymydata are there in the Move to iOS app, without any changes) and features. What Apple did was “just” give it a new look (by removing the interface elements created by Media Mushroom and pasting theirs) and including its licensing agreements.

Copy My Data codes found in Move to iOS

"But how come Apple did that, my God!" Calm down, none of the companies have spoken out yet, but even so, Apple is more likely to have acquired the rights to use Copy My Data codes in some way. After all, cloning an app like that out of the blue could yield a good process in a few million dollars for Media Mushroom.

On the developer's website, you can find this:

We are fast, creative and used to working with large corporations with tight deadlines. And if the timing is really tight, we also have an extensive software library white-label reusable to deliver great results. Quickly.

Maybe even because of the agreement closed by them, Apple will have to disclose Copy My Data (which, as we have seen, basically the same thing as Move to iOS) on its website.

(via MacRumors)