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Apple's first Android app serves to get users off Android [atualizado]

We talked about the app Move to iOS here on the site a few months ago and we discussed it in issue # 134 of On Air, but today, with the arrival of iOS 9, it has been officially released by Apple.

Yes, the first Apple app for Android (Beats Music does not count, when she bought the company it already existed but Ma lanar in the future, yes, an Apple Music app for Android) serves precisely to remove users from Android.

Apple - Move to iOS (Android)

Not satisfied with the guide it launched a year ago, Apple has now created an application that automates the entire process of migrating data and applications from Android to iOS.

With the Move to iOS app (Migrate to iOS, in Portuguese) it is very simple to transfer all your important data, such as contacts, calendars and photos, to your new iPhone. Do it yourself or go to an Apple Store and ask a specialist for help. In any case, Apple support is always at your disposal to answer questions and solve problems.

And Apple does not stop: at the end of the data transfer process, the app recommends that the user take their old Android to an Apple Retail Store so that the device is sent for recycling.

This page on the Apple website brings all the necessary details for those who want to migrate to the iPhone and this support article provides details about the Move to iOS app itself. It is already available for download on Google Play and requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Update · 09/17/2015 s 09:55

The fandroids despaired with the launch of the app and are flooding Google Play with low marks and opposite reviews, hehe:

Move to iOS low scores on Google Play

How much I hate these little hearts