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Apple's first Android app may be on its way!

After Apple drives Sony crazy during the 2014 World Cup by offering its famous Beats headphones to players from the world's top teams, the company can now let go of Windows Phone users and start investing in a music app. for the operating system that really matters: Apple's first Android app may be on its way!

iOS vs Android
Apple may launch its first Android app. / ANDROIDPIT

According to 9to5Mac, Apple-connected sources, and the music industry guarantee that the iPhone maker will develop an application and service. streaming own music to replace the current Beats Music. The new service, currently unnamed, would be similar to Google Play Music or Amazon Music, meaning unlimited use for streaming music, radio, the ability to upload personal music libraries, sharing music via social networks and of course buying albums. Although this new app will offer most of the features we find today on Beats musicIt will be redesigned from scratch to stay close to what today's Apple user interface is.

Why do you need to care about this?

Unless you are also a user of a device running iOS or have a Mac, this news may not seem exactly relevant to you. However, I believe that the more apps and service options that come to Android, the more competitive we will be and therefore the better quality for the end user. As a user of services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Sony Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, and iTunes, I'm sure Apple can boost freemium music services, especially if we look at the music licenses the company already owns.

In addition, the fact that Apple engineers are working on the company's first Android app shows the company's need to open up to the market, as Google has for some time now allowed iOS users to rely on services like YouTube, Gmail, Play Music, and more.

music beats google play store
Apple's music streaming application will be based on Music Beats, but will be developed entirely by the company's engineers. / Beats Music / Google Play Store

Apparently, the new application should reach the market next summer in the northern hemisphere, that is, near winter in Brazil. Although we are talking about a rumor here, it is worth keeping an eye out for the Apple Developer Conference in June, as we will not always have the opportunity to see Tim Cook recognize Android's expansion into the world.

And, do you think Apple can offer the first Android app of its own by mid-year? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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