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Apple’s financial results boosted by Mac sales in Q4

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In its fourth fiscal quarter, Apple sold 2.16 million Macintosh computers, 10.2 million iPods and 1.12 million iPhones. These figures caused the company’s profits to increase 67 percent over the same period last year.

In total, Apple earned $ 6.22 billion in sales revenue, 29 percent more than a year ago and made a profit of $ 904 million.

By the accounts of the manufacturer of Steve Jobs, a record number of Macintosh – 2.16 million – was sold last quarter, which represents a 34 percent growth. These sales result in revenues in the order of US $ 3.1 billion, that is, half of the group’s total revenues in the period. As for sales of iPods, Apple claims to have increased 17 percent over the same quarter in 2006.

The figures published by the company exceeded the estimates of market analysts who estimated sales below those obtained by Apple. As the end of the year approaches, the company maintains its optimism and even Steve Jobs himself anticipated that the holiday season will be «more than satisfactory for the company».

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