Apple's European division leader interviewed

Apple's European division leader interviewed

While we don't have many opportunities to see Steve Jobs being interviewed by communication vehicles in general, it is common (but infrequently) to see some Apple executives expressing their opinions about product launches and certain very discrete points about the company's situation. Yesterday, who had the opportunity to expose some impressions about the state of Ma (besides Phil Schiller) was Pascal Cagni, who takes care of her business throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Pascal Cagni

Like Tim Cook, who manages the global operations of all of Apple, Cagni is an executive covered by other companies for a long time and the possibility that he would go to ITV as CEO has been confirmed. Speaking to The Guardian, he reinforced the idea that Apple is a long way from the economic recession (responsible for affecting sales at the beginning of the year), with the best product line in its history and a 35% annual growth in the sale of laptops.

Apparently, in Europe where Apple is growing the most, currently: Cagni says that the educational sector is benefiting from the company's products in a way never seen before. In addition, he cited the existence of 120 special points of sale between European nations, including official Retail Stores, Premium Resellers and special spaces for selling Ma products in other stores, something similar to the Apple shops in Fnac stores. Such a strategy is contributing to the Mac having a market share of approximately 20% in each country.

Cagni did not want to say much new about iPhones, but he defended the progress of iPod sales, which are growing in Europe as they fall in the global media, although he is still far ahead of the competition. “We don't want a fall. We believe that they are not doing justice to (iPod) nano, in which you can get 8GB of memory and a camera for 115 GBP, ”he said.

Because of this, Apple Europe is working to prevent a drop in sales, especially with the arrival of the holiday season. The executive was also asked about the alleged arrival of the Beatles iTunes Store, but he said he had "nothing to announce".

(image: Flickr)