Apple’s environmental chief receives award for his achievements on behalf of the planet

Apple's environmental chief receives award for his achievements on behalf of the planet

Lisa Jackson, vice president of environmental initiatives, social policies at Apple, was honored with the annual Environmental Law Institute for their actions on behalf of the planet.

She will be honored not only for her work in charge of the vice presidency of Ma, but also for the service previously provided, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) of the USA, in which he served between 2009 and 2013 appointed by then American President Barack Obama.

The environmental institution cited several works carried out by Jackson that are responsible for changing the direction of how environmental policies should be thought and executed.

Among the major milestones achieved by Apple in terms of environmental policies, we can highlight the 100% green operation of its data centers, offices, stores and headquarters. In addition, we recently talked about a new achievement for the company, which will invest R $ 35 million in a partnership to melt aluminum without emitting carbon monoxide or other polluting gases.

ELI President Scott Fulton praised Jackson’s work, highlighting his remarkable achievements in the public and private sectors:

Lisa is an example of leadership, innovation and commitment to science and law enforcement at every step of her remarkable career. It has been a tireless champion for both sustainability and environmental justice, and has left its mark on the two sectors of society, public and private. His exceptional work has made Apple’s supply chain more sustainable and reduced the company’s carbon footprint, which proves its power of command and business leadership in favor of the ecosystem.

Jackson joined Apple in 2013; initially, she worked only on environmental issues. In 2015, she was promoted and today responsible for educational programs such as ConnectED, work on accessibility and also as a representative of government affairs of the company.

The ceremony at which ELI honors Jackson will take place on October 23 in the city of Washington.

via MacRumors