Possible Apple Bluetooth tracker

Apple’s Bluetooth tracker has design and more details exposed in iOS 13 files

Just yesterday, we talked here about the evidence (found in the iOS 13 code) that pointed to the future release of a possible Bluetooth tracker from Apple – that is, a Tile-like device that would use Apple’s offline tracking technology to locate objects such as wallets, purses, keys and more via the new app Search.

For there was no other: the MacRumors got his hands dirty (or rather, in the files of an internal version of iOS 13) and discovered even more details about the accessory – as well as a supposed design for it.

The system contains an image (or illustration) of the tracker that gives an idea of ​​its look: we are talking about a circular device, white, with a centralized Apple – there is no way to know the size because there is no other object for comparison, but it it must be very small (maybe a little bigger than a coin).

Possible Apple Bluetooth tracker

Other codes found indicate that the device will be moved to a replaceable battery (probably that circular clock battery), and the system will issue a notification when the battery level is low, with instructions to change the component.

In addition, the findings of the MacRumors confirm that the tracker will be fully functional based on the Find app. In the version of iOS 13 analyzed by the team, the application has a new tab, called “Items”, which lists your tracked objects and offers a number of options – such as locating them quickly or activating an alert, which will cause the tracker to emit a sound. If you don’t have any items configured, the app will display the image below:

Illustration of the

Apple will also offer some additional options. If you lose any of the tracked objects, it will be possible to activate a “Lost Mode”; therefore, if another iPhone user approaches the object, his smartphone will receive a notification and he will be able to see your contact information to return your belongings. There is also a setting for “safe locations”, useful for objects that tend to be in a specific location. If the item leaves this “fence”, you will receive a notification.

As we talked about in the last article, Apple is likely to also add high doses of augmented reality to the Find app. In this new exploration, the MacRumors found that the company will adopt a red balloon (hello, Pennywise) to help the user locate a lost object – one of the elements found in the code is a phrase that says “walk around a few meters and move your iPhone up and down until that you see a red balloon ”. The balloon will be used to indicate where your object is.

Red balloon used to find objects in the Search app

It is worth noting that the internal version of iOS 13 analyzed by the report is from June, so some of the details described here may have changed in recent months. As always, it is healthy to wait until an official presentation before we get excited about anything.

Even so, the evidence is very concrete. Do you intend to use the new Apple accessory when (or… if) it is released?