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Apple's beta app testing platform (TestFlight) is now online [atualizado]

Last February, Apple acquired the company responsible for TestFlight, app testing platform. At WWDC 2014, Ma said she would relaunch TestFlight alongside iOS 8, giving developers the opportunity / facility to make versions of their apps available for testing in a much more integrated way with the Apple ecosystem.

TestFlight app for iOS

This test platform is now available! I mean, in parts. First of all, the app is still not appearing in the iTunes Preview, only in the App Store (within iTunes or in iGadgets). In addition, although Apple has already released the universal application (that is, compatible with iPads and iPhones / iPods touch), developers for now cannot use the platform in its entirety as the company still needs to enable all features on its portal only after that will everyone be able to send their applications to be tested.

When the service is fully operational, developers will send invitations (via email) so that users have access to beta versions of their apps. Upon entering the link, the user will be asked to download the TestFlight application and view all the beta apps in question. When the developer releases a new version of the app, users will receive notifications that a new build is available. The process of updating this binary will be as simple as updating an application through the App Store, but instead of everything happening in the app store, it will happen in TestFlight itself.

Another important change in the platform on the developers side is that now, just have the user's email to send the test invitation. Before, it was necessary to have the UDID (unique device identifier, or unique device identifier) ‚Äč‚Äčto register the device before sending the invitation.

If you are a developer, be sure to read all the information on how to use TestFlight. There is also a document (PDF) listing the most frequently asked questions and answers about the platform.

It is worth noting that, before being acquired by Apple, TestFlight was also available for OS X. Now, however, Ma confirmed in the Q&A document that at least for now the platform was built to work only on iOS (8).

(via MacRumors)

Update · 09/09/2014 s 22:44

The app is now available in the Brazilian store.

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