Apple’s app “Move to iOS” gets negative rating on Google Play



Announced by Apple a few months ago, the “Move to iOS” app finally landed on Google Play in the middle of this past week. Developed by Apple itself, the app has a very simple function: migrating users from Android to iOS.

The proposal, however, aroused fury among enthusiasts of the Google platform. The application has been subject to negative reviews with the vast majority of users pouring out their criticisms regarding Apple’s lack of interest in the competitor.

It is a fact that Apple could have predicted or avoided this negative action. With Apple Music, for example, it could have won the attention and appeal of consumers, making them plan for a change in the short term.

Steve Jobs would probably never put an app on Google Play. Tim Cook, who has shown himself to be a little more cautious in making such radical decisions, was wrong to bet on a crude and worthless action.