JD Power router satisfaction ranking

Apple’s AirPort Routers Take First Place in Satisfaction Survey Supposed to Be Discontinued

In what should win the most ironic news trophy of the month in the technological world, Apple is leading another one of the renowned consumer satisfaction ranking of JD Power. The area? Routers – yes, the AirPorts, whose strongest rumors point to a close discontinuation, are preferred by their owners.

JD Power router satisfaction ranking

The survey was conducted with 3,037 consumers and took into account 10 factors, in order of importance: Wi-Fi range, reliability, upload / download speed, ease of restoring the connection, security features, price, ease of use, variety features, intuitive interface and consumer support.

Apple routers achieved a score of 876 out of 1,000 in the company’s ranking, beating competitors like ASUS (860), D-Link (856), TP-Link (854) and NETGEAR (848). The average satisfaction rate in the segment was 847 points, and below this line are family businesses as Belkin (839) and Linksys (834).

It is interesting to note that the price factor is the main factor when choosing the brand of router, and the average amount paid for one of these devices was US $ 124 (an increase of US $ 16 compared to last year). The cheapest AirPort on sale today, the Express, costs $ 99 in the United States (or $ 829 in Brazil).

In addition, the overwhelming majority of consumers said that they “will definitely” or “probably will” continue with the current brand when purchasing the next router in relation to those who intend to switch teams in the near future. Well, compared to the first ones, they may have some problems if the current brand is Apple – let’s see what are the real plans of Tim Cook and his gang for AirPorts in the future.

[via Apple World Today]