AppleInsider says Apple will launch tablet in 2010 with PA Semi chips

AppleInsider says Apple will launch tablet in 2010 with PA Semi chips

And the rumors of Apple tablet (iTablet? IBook?) Do not stop! If the Joy of Tech comic from last Sunday is right, Apple will have no choice but to launch the product as soon as possible. This Tuesday, the rumor arose that the Cupertino firm would be working with Verizon Wireless on its tablet, that is, the product would come with built-in 3G connectivity and could be subsidized by the main competitor operator of AT&T in the United States, say .

Artistic view of an Apple tablet (via AppleInsider)Artistic view of an Apple tablet (via AppleInsider)

Today the AppleInsider published a new report based on “reliable sources” stating that the expected product will arrive in 2010. The tablet will have a 10-inch screen and a look similar to that of a giant iPod touch. Its processing power and memory would be equivalent to that of a netbook, and it should become the first iProduct using PA Semi chips.

The creator of the project would be Steve Jobs himself, so every detail would be thought through and evaluated in detail. Given the level of requirement of the Apple CEO, it is speculated that the iTablet project has had to be redesigned at least a dozen times in the past 24 months. In each of them, its development was interrupted and fundamental aspects of the product were rethought, reconstructed and / or repositioned.

The source says that he has been in doubt, on some occasions, about the possibility of the project at least seeing daylight, as much as a small PDA device that was forgotten by the company a few years ago.

The good news is that the last semester was crucial to the progress of the project, and it seems that now things are finally finding their definitive places. Jobs would be accompanying his creation not only inside Cupertino, but also from his home and hospital beds. The genius of modern computing seems to have finally reached "(its) aura of satisfaction".

The launch of the alleged iTablet appears to be scheduled for the first quarter of 2010. Nothing has been said about price, but it is easy to speculate that it would fit between an iPhone / iPod touch and the most basic MacBook somewhere around $ 700-1,000, therefore. Our fingers are crossed, Steve!