AppleInsider confirms 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody and new Mac mini

AppleInsider confirms 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody and new Mac mini

O AppleInsider yesterday confirmed details about two more Apple releases, but which are due to be announced shortly after tomorrow's keynote. Sources indicate that the MacBook Pro unibody 17-inch and the new Mac mini are on Ma's list of news for the rest of the event.

MacBook Pro unibody 17

Some confirmed details about the 17 ″ MacBook Pro were reported yesterday here on the MacMagazine. The sources claim that its battery will be similar to that of the Air, which supposedly guarantees greater durability. However, it is estimated that users will not be able to take advantage of this compared to current models, which may mean the adoption of chips quad-core.

O AppleInsider it also confirmed some details about the Mac mini, whose GPU will actually be based on the NVIDIA MCP79 chipset, which had been confirmed in a configuration file found on the Mac OS X Leopard version of the new MacBooks released in October.

In addition to the possibility of supporting two monitors, the new desktop low-end Apple should abandon the FireWire 400 port in function of the FireWire 800, in addition to bringing five USB ports. Confirming what I suggested earlier, the Mini DisplayPort, together with this fifth USB port, should make it possible to connect it to the current LED Cinema Display, which is currently a privilege of the MacBooks released in October.

Apparently, the MacBook Pro unibody 17-inch was not released in October last year due to the focus that Apple was giving some issues of its design and LED display. Meanwhile, the design of the new Mac mini has yet to be confirmed.