AppleCare + value for Apple Watch Series 4 rises significantly

On Wednesday, we talked here about the new special plan of the AppleCare + for iPhones that effectively transforms Apple's extended warranty program into insurance, also covering possible theft or loss of your smartphone. Apple also made a change from AppleCare + to the Apple Watch but, in this case, not at all good for us consumers.

AppleCare logo +

Ma has announced that the two-year extended warranty plan for the Apple Watch Series 4 will cost $ 80, which is a $ 30 increase over AppleCare + for the Series 3 ie a 60% jump in value. And no, this has nothing to do with possible coverage against theft or loss: in the case of the watch, the program remains valid only for repairs to possible damages.

Apple did not give reasons for the price increase, but we can consider that the more advanced functions of the new generation, such as the bigger screen (and the thinner edges) or the ECG sensor, may have contributed to this jump. Or you will see Ma s wants to earn more money, even.

The amount can be paid at once, when buying the watch, or the novelty of the year in monthly payments of US $ 4 for 24 months. It refers to all aluminum models and the stainless steel of the Apple Watch Series 4 (with or without cellular connectivity) except for the Apple Watch Herms, whose AppleCare + costs $ 100, that value, at least, remains unchanged.

Moreover, AppleCare + for the Apple Watch Series 4 continues with the same rules as previous generations; each of the two repairs allowed on the watch costs $ 70. As we always remember, this extended warranty plan from Apple is not sold in Brazil, but Ma offers coverage to it nationwide except specifically for the American model of Apple Watch with cellular connectivity.

via 9to5Mac