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AppleCare + of the new iPads costs $ 69; repair in Brazil remains expensive [atualizado]

As we reported today, new iPads have been launched. Along with them, in addition to new accessories, Apple also offers extended warranty options (known abroad as AppleCare +) and prices for product repairs (both in and out of warranty).

AppleCare +

AppleCare +

AppleCare + basically extends the warranty on new iPads for another year (totaling two) – and if you have Apple Pencil, it also joins in. In addition to the extra coverage, AppleCare + also entitles you to up to two incidental damage coverage incidents. That is, if you drop your iPad from the 29th floor or it stops working because it fell into the pool, you pay a fee of US $ 49 and exchange your defective product for a brand new one – in the case of the pencil, the fee is US $ 29.

It is good to make it clear that, despite not being marketed here in Brazil, Apple stores support devices covered by AppleCare +. But only Apple officials; there is no point in going to an Apple Authorized Service Center as they do not provide coverage.

Around here, the company still sells its old extended warranty, called AppleCare (without the “+”). This warranty covers the device for another year, but * does not * cover up to two accidental incidents.

In the United States, AppleCare + for the new iPad mini and Air costs $ 69 (same value as AppleCare + for the 9.7 ″ iPad); AppleCare + for iPad Pro costs US $ 129, as we mentioned here.

In Brazil, there is only a single AppleCare that fits all models of Apple tablets, which costs R $ 499.


The Brazilian repair table has not yet been changed and the values ​​remain the same as before. Taking this into account – and the prices practiced in the USA -, we can say that the repair prices of the new iPads will be like this if these values ​​do not undergo any adjustment soon:

  • Screen Repair: R $ 799 (iPad mini) and R $ 929 (iPad Air);
  • Another repair: R $ 1,699 (iPad mini) and R $ 2,199 (iPad Air).

However, analyzing the company’s history, it is quite possible that these values ​​will be readjusted, yes, when the new iPads begin to be officially sold in Brazil.

via MacRumors

Update Mar 18, 2019 at 19:24

THE MacRumors has reported – according to an announcement shared with Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers – that it is now no longer necessary to buy Apple Pencil along with the iPad in order for it to have AppleCare + coverage (as it was before). The 60-day limit for purchasing AppleCare + continues for iPads, but for Pencil, this does not apply. ?