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AppleCare + for iPhones is now also accepted in Brazilian authorized aids

AppleCare + for iPhones is now also accepted in Brazilian authorized aids

Imagine the following scenario: you traveled to the United States and took the opportunity to buy an iPhone there. Since the product now costs a small fortune to repair, you also chose to protect it by purchasing AppleCare + (which, in addition to extending the smartphone warranty, also covers two screen changes and two accidental damages over a two-year period for a fee – in the US, $ 30 and $ 100 respectively).

Then you arrived back in Brazil and, a short time later, dropped your beautiful phone with the back facing the floor. Result: broken rear window. The price to fix? Depending on the model (if it is an iPhone XS Max), it reaches R $ 3,730! ?

If you have an AppleCare + and live in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, you can simply make an appointment to be seen at the Apple store and make the switch without any problem – Apple does not sell the AppleCare + for iPhone here in Brazil, but it honors this contract made abroad and repairs / exchanges the device.

If you live in another city, then things are complicated by the fact that only official Apple stores handle this type of case. Well, that was the scenario so far; now that has changed – fortunately, for the better!

THE MacMagazine has received information that, as of now, Apple Authorized Service Centers have accepted the repair / exchange of iPhones protected by AppleCare + – information confirmed to us by Apple’s official support in Brazil.

Recalling that, in the USA, there is a fee of US $ 30 (for changing screens) and US $ 100 (changing devices) for such cases; in Brazil – and in other countries where AppleCare + is not (yet) commercialized, Apple performs such repairs / exchanges without charging the fee due to bureaucracies / systemic problems.

The change is new and many Apple Authorized Service Centers are not yet aware of the news, it is good to make it clear; still, at least two confirmed the information to the MacMagazine and we’ve been told that there’s no fee at all (as at Apple).