AppleCare + for iPhone is not yet sold, but is already officially serviced in Brazil

AppleCare + for iPhones 6s / 6s Plus is a little more expensive; learn more about iPhone Upgrade Program [atualizado]

Apple didn't mention that yesterday, but the AppleCare + for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus it got a little more expensive.

AppleCare logo +

The purchase of the extended warranty as a whole went from $ 100 to $ 130 in the United States, and the exchange rate for an accidentally damaged device went up from $ 80 to $ 100.

The rest of the program itself, which is finally arriving in Brazil, is worth remembering remains unchanged.

iPhone Upgrade Program

This news was announced yesterday during the keynote and we covered it on MM Live, but it is worth explaining in more detail here.

In order to establish even greater loyalty with iPhone users, Apple created an “Update Program” that allows them to change their handsets every year by paying a monthly fee (24 installments) that varies from $ 32.41 for the iPhone 6s from 16GB to $ 44.91 for the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus.

In the iPhone Upgrade Program, consumers choose their preferred carrier and receive an unlocked device, already with AppleCare + included.

IPhone 6s case

Obviously, the novelty is very good but it starts only in the United States. Apple has already said it will be taken to other countries, but God knows if and when, and by how much to get to Brazil.

(via AppleInsider, MacRumors)

Update · 09/14/2015 s 14:25

Another not very relevant change, observed today by 9to5Mac: Apple stopped selling the combo in AppleCare + for iPhone and Apple Watchtogether. Now, whoever wants to protect the smartphone and the watch will have to buy both separate AppleCare +.

But not much changes, as the combo it was no cheaper than the two bought individually.