AppleCare + for iPad includes cover for the Magic Keyboard

AppleCare + for iPad includes cover for the Magic Keyboard

Last month, with the new iPads Pro, Apple launched a new keyboard cover for him that is quite expensive. THE Magic Keyboard – be sure to check out our video unboxing + hands-on – costs in the United States $ 300 for the 11 ″ model and $ 350 for the 12.9 ″, which alone would buy a 10.2 ″ iPad; in Brazil, it arrived costing R $ 2,600 and R $ 3,000, respectively.

As we are not talking about a cheap accessory, many may wonder how is the extended warranty optionally offered by Apple, AppleCare +. We remind you that, although it is not yet sold in Brazil, it is normally serviced by the company in the country.

Behold, with the help of the reader Willian Max, we found that AppleCare + for iPad does include coverage for “Apple branded iPad keyboards” – that is, it encompasses the newly launched Magic Keyboard, as well as Smart Keyboards.

We already knew that AppleCare + also covers Apple Pencil and, contrary to Apple’s original policy, you don’t even need to purchase the accessory with the tablet itself. Therefore, we imagine that the same applies to keyboards.

In the event that technical support is required for additional damage within the AppleCare + coverage period, Apple charges $ 50 iPad or $ 30 Apple Pencil / keyboard. Remembering that there is a limit of two of these calls during the validity of the extended warranty.

Of course, AppleCare + also includes cover for the iPad battery and its accessories included in the box, such as the Lightning cable and plug adapter. But, in a curious way, Apple even mentions its dead router there AirPort, which is also covered in AppleCare + for Mac, Apple TV and even HomePod. Still in terms of “nostalgia”, AppleCare + for Mac includes coverage for Apple USB SuperDrive, which surprisingly is still on sale at the American Apple Online Store for US $ 80 and for R $ 580 in Brazil. ?

It’s very weird that Apple supports iPad accessories, but not iPad accessories. iPhones. In AppleCare + for iPhone, coverage is limited to the device itself, its battery and the accessories included in the box (Lightning cable, power adapter and EarPods headphones). In other words, your official Apple iPhone case is not covered by the extended warranty – not even Smart Battery Cases. Go figure.

Finally, the lucky buyers of a Pro XDR Display rest assured: AppleCare + for Apple Display includes support for “an Apple monitor stand and an Apple stand” – in this case, when purchased together with the monitor itself. That is, your expensive Pro Stand (or your adapter for VESA mounting) is also covered by the extended warranty.

tip from Henry Cunha