Apple would still be interested in buying modems division from Intel

Apple would still be interested in buying modems division from Intel

Last April, we released a report from the Wall street journal which said that Apple had considered buying the Intel responsible for the development of 5G modems, but that abandoned plans sometime between the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

Now a news published by The information suggests that Apple is still talking to the chipmaker about a possible deal, with Intel seeking to sell its modem business in several parts.

According to the report, Ma would be keeping an eye on Intel's chip division at Germany, which is considered one of its strongest. Despite this, it is not known where the conversations between the two companies are, but the The information He argued that a likely deal with Intel would send "hundreds of modem engineers to Apple."

As we reported, Intel announced about two months ago its departure from the 5G race in the smartphone market, following several problems involving the manufacture of these chips. Apple, which at that time had recently re-reacted with Qualcomm, planned to use Intel's 5G chips in future iPhones, but now that option falls on the San Diego vendor.

In addition, Apple also intends to reduce its reliance on chip manufacturers by producing its own modems. As such, the acquisition of part of Intel's business would be most welcome, as Intel still needs a few years for this technology to be 100% ready.

Once again, the The information pointed out that Apple does not expect to launch devices with their own modems by 2025. We will see.

via MacRumors