Apple would still be in last-minute negotiations for Beats Music's successor

Just three days before the start of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015, in whose keynote Apple should present its new streaming of songs that will succeed the Beats Music, apparently the final deals with record companies are still being discussed.

According to the Bloomberg, record companies are fighting over a larger share of revenues than they already have with competitors such as Spotify. They currently get 55% of Spotify's $ 10 monthly fee, and would be trying to close something in the 60% with Apple.

The monthly fee itself would have been a victory for the record companies. Apple was trying to close deals to offer the service at US $ 7-8 monthly to users, but has already given up and should stay at US $ 10 monthly according to Wall Street Journal revealed a few days ago.

Although Spotify has more than 60 million users, only a quarter of them use the service in their paid model. According to rumors, Apple does not plan to offer a free version supported by advertisements for a maximum of one period trial 1-3 months free.