Apple would not be negotiating with Qualcomm and is preparing for trial

In another episode of the Apple fight vs. Qualcomm, a person familiar with the case told the Reuters that Ma is not negotiating with the chip maker, on the contrary: it is preparing for the trial.

This statement is in line with Qualcomm's CEO Steve Mollenkopf, which stated (last July) that companies "were negotiating" a solution to the legal battle.

We continue to talk. We also have several legal strategies that are underway and we hope that, by combining these two paths, we can reach a solution, and we are confident that we will.

The case among the tech giants is due to come to trial next year. As a result of this process, Qualcomm lost part of its chip business to Intel, which started to supply the modems of iPhones.

Financial impact

Despite the end of this partnership, Qualcomm's earnings forecast for the first fiscal quarter of 2019 is expected to be above analysts' estimates, as disclosed by Reuters. However, this is related to the single tax benefit of $ 0.45 for what the company receives during that period without it, Qualcomm's earnings per share could be significantly less than anticipated.

In fact, the cut in the chip supply to Apple has led to a sharp drop in Qualcomm's production for this period of the year (of about 50 million units). This raised a suspicion among investors and Qualcomm's shares dropped more than 4% after the earnings forecast was released.

Our forecasts noted a reduction of more than 50 million units (of chips) in the quarter, all explained by the absence of Apple phones. That is really the difference.

Qualcomm's forecasts for its first fiscal quarter, which ends in December, point to revenue between $ 4.5 billion and $ 5.3 billion, with earnings per share between $ 1.05 to $ 1.15. Analysts had expected revenues of $ 5.57 billion and profits of $ 0.95 a year, according to data from IBES of Refinitiv.

Apple accused of infringing patents on streaming of video

In addition to the imbroglio with Qualcomm, Ma has yet to deal with different patent infringement cases. This time, she was sued by Dynamic Data Technologies under the claim of infringing 11 patents related to streaming and video processing and optimization, as disclosed by AppleInsider.

part of the bureaucratic and technical issues of the 68-page process, Dynamic Data accuses Ma of violating patents on some of its products such as Apple TV, iPhones, iPads and even specific versions of iOS. The company calls for a conviction for damages for the infraction, a trial and an order determining that Apple's breach was "intentional, arbitrary, malicious, badass, deliberately and consciously erroneous".

Still according to the AppleInsider, there are many indications that this is yet another case of patent troll, as the lawsuit revealed that Dynamic Data, based in Delaware (in the United States), was incorporated in April this year and has more than 1,000 active patent processes that encompass “core technologies in the field of image and video processing ”(Some recently acquired from Philips).

This is not the first time and it will not be the last that Apple gets involved in lawsuits with the famous patent trolls; last month, Uniloc opened his eighth against Ma by patent infringement; Another classic example of this type of dispute is the extensive fight with VirnetX.

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