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Apple would have tried to buy Tesla in 2013

That Apple was once a much more “mysterious” company is no denying, but even with leaks and problems with some products (like AirPower, which didn't even see the light of day), the Cupertino giant still preserves some secrets very well, especially those related to Apple Car.

The infamous Ma vehicle is one of the topics that cross the years and, despite the rigid system against spoilerseventually some details escape here and there giving us an idea of ​​how the development of the known “Titan Project”.

This time the AppleInsider I brought information that points out that the "Project Titan" is still alive and in full development after news that it might not be doing so well. In this regard, Roth Capital Partners financial analyst Craig Irwin told CNBC that Apple is building “huge rooms” for the California project.

According to Irwin, this could mean that the Cupertino giant is working on something that is geared toward the vehicle's electrical system, especially batteries. There is also the possibility that these locations will serve as vehicle testing environments, but the analyst highlighted Apple's efforts in developing the car's electric and drive systems.

As we said, rumors surrounding the Apple Car and the Titan Project have been around for years. At times, even, it was thought that such a project had come to an end, but right after Ma would shake things up and work would come back.

Apple reportedly negotiated Tesla purchase

If it now seems that the development of the "Project Titan" has slowed down, be aware that Apple's automotive ambitions have not always been minimized. According to Roth Capital Partners analyst Ma would have made a "serious offer" to buy Tesla at the end of 2013.

At the time, Apple reportedly offered $ 240 per share to the electric car manufacturer. As reported by StreetInsider, Ma could start a new deal (now at an even more opportune time), as the US car maker's papers reached $ 205 this week, far below the alleged bid value six years ago.

Elon Musk - Tesla Code ConferenceElon Musk, Tesla CEO

It is unclear to what extent the negotiations took place, as there is no official document that signals Apple's purchase of Tesla shares. Still, Irwin points out that "multiple sources" said Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk met in Cupertino that year to negotiate the transaction.

Whether it happened or not, the fact that in the following years the two manufacturers entered a tug of war for employees, with Musk even calling Apple a Tesla cemetery.