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Apple would have sold 1.3 million HomePods today

A few days ago we reported that, according to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the HomePod it would have sold about 3 million units to date and conquered 6% of the American market for smart speakers, which is currently dominated by Amazon. Because, according to Strategy Analytics, this is more or less the story. I explain.

First we have to note that the global SA survey, while that of the local CIRP (focused on the USA). Still, the research firm agreed with CIRP in stating that HomePod does have 6% of the smart speaker market, but completely disagreed with the number of units sold, as it believes that Ma sold around 700,000 units in the second quarter of the year totaling, over the life of the device, sales at the home of 1.3 million units.

In the SA survey, Amazon lost a lot of space and now has 41%, compared to 76% it had in the same period last year; j Google rose from 16% it had in the second quarter of 2017 to 28% now. The list completes Alibaba, with sales of 800 thousand units (7% of the market), and JD, with 300 thousand units sold (2.2%). In other words, Apple would be, today, the fourth company (out of five) that sells the most smart speakers in the world.

Unfortunately, for strategic reasons, Apple does not report the official number of units sold on HomePod. In the disclosure of the company's last financial result, all we know is that the “Other Products” category (in which HomePod is included) had a revenue of US $ 3.7 billion (an increase of 37% compared to the same period in 2017) . The problem here is that, in addition to HomePod, we also have the Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods, Beats headphones and other products within that account.

What is the correct number of sales for HomePod? Only Apple knows. The fact is that having 6% of the market with only one product on the line, which costs US $ 350 (not a direct competitor, but Amazon Echo Dot costs only US $ 50, for example) and that it is only available in a few countries, yes one good news for Ma.

via MacRumors