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Apple would have plans to launch a dongle similar to Chromecast

It already looks like a consolidated perspective: Apple will (finally) debut its service streaming of videos with their own productions at some point next year, possibly already in March.

Everything indicates that the platform will be accessible by all users of iPhones, iPads, iPods touch and Apple TVs through the TV application; some vehicles even point out that the content will be offered – at least at an early stage – free of charge to all users. But it seems that Apple is thinking of ways to further popularize the upcoming service.

According to an article published today by The Information, the idea of ​​launching a new product from the Apple TV family that could take the platform from streaming company videos for even more people. Such a device would have a format similar to that of the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV Stick, resembling a pendrive with HDMI output that would fit on the TV – and it would, of course, be much cheaper (and less powerful) than the Apple TV that we know today.

The idea makes sense: the black apple box, although praised for its relatively advanced hardware, puts the company in a difficult position in the face of competition in terms of price. In Brazil, the fourth generation Apple TV costs R $ 1,100; Apple TV 4K, in turn, starts at R $ 1,300; Chromecast, on the other hand, is commonly found for less than $ 300 in large stores.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

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Cash price: from R $ 1,169.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 108.25Launch: September 2017 (5th generation)

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Obviously, we are talking about very different products in terms of functionality, operating system and hardware; still, if Apple were able to bring together some of Apple TV’s strengths (such as remote control and access to its ecosystem) into a smaller, cheaper piece, it could potentially have a success in its hands – and a success that, inevitably, it would take a lot of people straight to the catalog of original Apple films and series.

For now, it is impossible to say whether such a product will really see the light of day: the matter of The Information it only mentions a “consideration” about such a possibility within Apple. It is therefore unlikely that something like this will be announced with the launch of the streaming of the company (if it really arrives in March, as planned) – maybe the company is keeping the idea as a possible cover letter in the medium term, when the platform is already consolidated. We will have to wait and see.

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